Playtech Confirms Caesars Entertainment EMEA Agreement

Publish: 13.06.2017

An industry leader in platform and technology systems development – Playtech – secured a deal with Caesars Entertainment EMEA which will see them supply casino management provisions across eight casino properties in the United Kingdom.

Caesars Agreement

The agreement also includes world-renowned Empire Casino in central London.

Caesars Entertainment EMEA boasts an extensive UK offering which currently covers 178 gaming tables and 427 electronic terminals across the British Isles. Through the new deal with Playtech, Caesars EMEA will now gain better reporting and player management services through casino management provisions which will be delivered by Playtech subsidiary IGS.

Neon Enterprise Solutions

The Caesars EMA legacy systems will be replaced by Playtech’s Neon Enterprise technical solutions, which would ultimately optimize and enhance security and compliance provisions.

Neon Enterprise will introduce the advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhance Due Diligence controls.

CFO of Caesars Entertainment EMEA, Alex Oswald, is convinced Neon tools will be of significant effect if deployed within Caesars Entertainment properties.

“From my previous experience of using Neon – specifically Neon Analytics and the data it provides operators – I knew that it would make a significant impact if deployed within Caesars Entertainment properties. IGS’ approach to scoping the required system features and integrations – which are numerous within the estate – set them apart during partner evaluations.”, Alex Oswald

Managing director of IGS, Martin Sykes, states that Caesar’s agreement is part of a committed expansion plan for Neon Enterprise to be cemented as leaders in the market.

“By deploying regular, road-mapped changes to all customers, such as suspicious ticket-in, ticket out (TITO) activity features in the spring release, we are able to move the whole customer base forward together. The specific strategy of focusing on compliance controls in the last 18 months has paid dividends and I look forward to working with Caesars in the coming years ahead.”  Sykes