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A Player Scoops $1M to Break Record on Playtech Slot

Publish: 09.03.2017

A 48-year-old European has just become a King.

Perhaps not the King of Olympus which is the slot game that changed this man’s life, but a king in his own liking who is now given a chance to enjoy in no less than $1 million slot game reward at a William Hill casino.

In what has become a largest-ever progressive jackpot on a Playtech slot game Age of the Gods – King of Olympus, an unnamed man won his life-changing amount by rolling on just $1 per spin.

Overnight Millionaire

To top up his initial reward of $997,690 jackpot, this lucky winner was rewarded with additional $3,000 bonus on a game which has been making headlines ever since it’s been released.

The Age of Gods is a series of seven different games, which has gone to achieve worldwide fame and popularity as it stands firmly as one of the best-performing slot games from Playtech. One of world’s greatest casino developers Playtech has only last year handed out more than $160 million in jackpot payouts, which makes it quite easy to understand the popularity of this incredibly appealing series of slots.

And in case of this lucky European, playing on his favourite game ended up changing his life.

“It is my favourite game, as I have won some smaller amounts before – $50 and $100. Of course, you dream about winning a million, but until now that was all it was.”, he said.

William Hill Winner

This 48-year-old slot player scooped his reward at a William Hill casino, one of Britain’s biggest operators – known for its sportsbook platform for the biggest part, in addition to incredibly popular casino.

The company has been creating winners for more than 80 years, as Joe Crilly form William Hill said, commenting on a lucky millionaire.