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Pennsylvania State Legislators Pushing Anti-Online Gambling Bill

Publish: 14.03.2017

Pennsylvania’s hopes of a gaining a regulated and licensed online gambling market have been given a major dent this week.

New Bill

The state legislators have filed a legislative proposition – House Bill 801 – which is aimed towards the complete ban of the online gaming sector in the state, as the title of the bill itself clearly suggests.

The ‘Banning Internet Gambling in Pennsylvania Act’ was filed by State Representative Thomas Murt, who has first revealed his plans back in January.

His Bill has so far gained four co-sponsors and it also includes a set of measured aimed towards punishing those who are caught offering online gambling in-state. The fines will go from $300 for a first offense to $600 fine and three days in prison for a second offense. Any further offenses would be regarded as third-degree misdemeanor and could lead up to one year in prison and fines up to $2,000.

The House Bill 801 would also amend the state law which involves the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to make sure that the board ‘shall not promulgate rules and regulations allowing any form of internet gambling’.

Dark Age of Internet

Should such a deal go through and get passed by the state regulators it could lock Pennsylvania in the digital dark age as of 28 March when a hearing on a number of bills put forward is due to take place in front of the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee.

Pennsylvania is no stranger to strict legal propositions in regard to the online gaming world, as Rep. Mario Scavello used to propose a similar Bill in 2014.

In the meantime, Scavello has become one of the biggest advocates of the state’s attempts to regulate online gambling as it is seen as a good way to help the state budget.