Paul Burns Named Canadian Gaming Association’s New President And CEO

Publish: 12.03.2018

Canadian Gaming Association’s Board of Directors has announced the appointment of the organization’s new President and Chief Executive Officer.

Paul Burns, a gaming executive with a vast experience of nearly two decades, has already assumed the position at the CGA.

An Experienced Executive

As we’ve already mentioned, Burns has been a part of the gaming industry in Canada for almost 20 years. He worked as a senior advisor to the Ontario minister responsible for gaming and was one of the key figures in the creation of the Canadian Gaming Association, where he has served as the Vice President of Public Affairs for more than 12 years.

Commenting on the latest update, Robert Parente, Chairman of the Board of Directors pointed out that Pol was a world-class executive with a wealth of knowledge about the Canadian gaming industry.

Parente also said Paul brought outstanding leadership to the CGA and emphasized he possessed the vision and skill that the Board required to advance the CGA over the years to come.

Gaming Conference

Implementing New Strategic Plan

The CGA’s new President and Chief Executive Officer stated the strength of Canadian gaming was well known and added he had been fortunate to experience both the challenges and opportunities that came with working in this industry.

Burns said that twenty years in gaming had given him a keen understanding of what the industry was facing as he took over as the Association’s President and CEO. He added he was looking forward to working with Parente and the other directors to implement a strategic plan that would function as a roadmap for the CGA and make us better partners to all the members of the association.

The Canadian Gaming Association is a not-for-profit organization that was created with the goal of creating balance in the public dialogue about gaming in Canada.