A Pair of Canadian Winners Collect their $9.5M and $23.6M Lotto Windfalls

Publish: 17.07.2017

It’s been a couple of quite exciting days for a pair of Richmond and Richmond Hill residents, Heling Huang and Luciano Polera, who collected their Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max wins this week.

Richmond Winner

Heling Huang is still in disbelief over her $9.5 million prizes she is yet to decide what to do with.

“I need a good night’s sleep first before deciding anything,” Huang said.

Having arrived at the B.C. Lottery Corp. offices in Vancouver to collect her winnings, Huang confessed her parents in China did not believe her at first when she told them about the Lotto prize.

Huang is looking forward to spending more time with her family and living a happy and healthy life thanks to a winning ticket she purchased at the Lottery Ticket Centre in Richmond Centre.

Richmond Hill Winner

On the other side of the specter but in the same week as Heling Huang, an Ontario warehouse worker Luciano Polera knows exactly what his first move will be after a $23.6 million scoop on a Lotto Max last weekend.

A life-changing amount will see the 64-year-old Richmond Hill resident retire and enjoy the winnings with his perceptive wife, who deserves great credit for Polera’s win.

“I only circled six numbers instead of seven. I told my wife we missed by one number,” Polera said at OLG premises when he came to collect the win.

Polera initially thought a win passed him by and was ready to discard the ticket but, fortunately, his wife Cathy took a second look at the lucky ticket and saw that the winning number was there.

Polera intends to invest some of the winnings to help out two of his adult children and to take the family on a trip to Fiji, he and his wife have always dreamed about.