Oregon Passes Bill That Could Shut Down Poker Rooms

Publish: 06.05.2017

Our Canadian friends might not be aware of the fact that playing poker is currently allowed in Oregon at several small pubs and dedicated card rooms in a formula which has been working rather well for both players and operators for years now.

Oregon Poker Rooms

The house doesn’t take a rake by law, but can charge a membership fee which can go up to $10 a day or $60 a month, depending on the place. Oregon currently hosts 20 poker rooms in the state, but the further existence of these is in doubt with the new bill.

The pastime poker practise could soon be ended as House Bill 2190 was passed on a 41-14 vote in the Oregon House of Representatives and moved to the next stage in the legislatorial practice.

Oregon senate will now determine whether this existing social gaming exemption would be amended.

House Bill 2190 stipulates a modification to the definition of ‘Social Game’ for the purpose of gambling regulation, which means that cities and countries in the state would be allowed to host and stage these events but only if they are operated and regulated by non-profit organisations.

House Bill 2190

Additional changes would include dealers’ payments and selling of food and drinks at the card rooms.

Dealers in Oregon’s 20 card rooms do not earn an hourly salary and are currently paid in tips only, and the HB 2190 is aiming to put an end to such practice as it stipulates that dealers be classified as pull employees instead of volunteers. As for food and drinks, poker rooms would be made to cover charges to avoid food and drink sales being considered illegal.

Oregon last attempted to introduce a similar bill in 2013, but like many times before, none of the attempts has been successful due to a lack of popular support.

Poker room players and visitors might start thinking about switching to online poker with new Bill set on motion.