Ontario Player Wins a Fantastic C$70 Million Lotto MAX Jackpot!

Lottery lovers across Ontario have gone berserk after the provincial monopoly, the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLG) announced that the biggest Lotto MAX jackpot to have ever been awarded was hit by a player who bought the winning ticket in Brampton.

OLG’s Lottery App crashed as people were checking their tickets, hoping they would hit the fantastic prize, worth a staggering C$70 million. The previous Lotto MAX record-breaking sum was awarded in June last year, and was worth C$65 million!

What a Win!

Ontario Player Wins a Fantastic C$70 Million Lotto MAX Jackpot!

We now know that the windfall taken out on January 7 was won by a single winner from Brampton called Adlin Lewis.

After the draw held on January 3 provided no winner, and as the Main Prize reached its cap of C$70 million a couple of weeks before, and all eyes were on the next draw, waiting to see whether we’ll get the winner or not. The excitement soared on social networks and mainstream media as well.

And although the size of the Main Prize remained the same, the fact it was waiting for the new winner for weeks on end meant the additional ‘consolation’ prizes also went up. And as the time passed by, a total of 25 of these prizes – which are available during every draw – worth C$1 million were just waiting to be won!

According to available information, the lucky winner bought the ticket before the draw held on January 7, choosing the following numbers: 3, 8, 12, 14, 17, 18, and 29. Once the draw started, all of these numbers were drawn, awarding the biggest prize in the history of Lotto MAX!

Nice “Consolation” Prizes as Well

OLG also revealed that a total of 7 tickets had 6 matching numbers, but although their owners missed the chance to get a piece of the Main Prize, they will each be eligible to claim a prize of around C$200,000. When it comes to those 25 Maxmillions “consolation prizes” worth C$1million, the provincial Crown Corporation has confirmed that 19 of these prizes have been won. According to OLG, 9 of these Maxmillions matching tickets have been purchased by players in Quebec!

A prize worth C$10,000 will expire on January 20, 2020, unless the winner claims it in the next couple of days. The winning ticket was bought in North York, just before the draw that took place on January 19 last year, but no one has yet claimed this prize. Will 52 weeks – which is a standard period for claiming any lottery winnings in Canada – be enough for someone to take home this prize? We have only a couple of days to get the answer.