Ontario Man Promises to ‘Go After’ Casino for Refused Slot Machine Win

Publish: 02.03.2017

We can all imagine the feeling.

But an 82-year-old Ontario senior felt in on his own skin as he was refused a $10,000 slot machine win at an Ontario casino earlier this year.

Big Win

John Marando started visiting the OLG Slots at Mohawk Racetrack near Milton, Ontario, this year as he started winning a couple of smaller prizes worth $1,000 on a same machine.

And according to his own confession, it was on 17 February that he hit a $400 win before he decided to put another $20 in the machine on his way out of the casino.

In a movie-like scenario, the machine started winning.

“All of a sudden, ding, ding, ding, ding and I see this thing going round and round, one thousand, two thousand…and then $10,002, by the way”, John Marando confessed in an interview earlier this week.

The thrill he felt was short-lived as bad news waited for him when he tried to collect the winnings.

Bigger Disappointment

Having been ushered into the casino office, the 82-year-old Marando was told ‘we can’t pay you, you signed yourself out 17 years ago’.

Marando does not remember signing a self-exclusion agreement, although the Ontario man suffered a brain injury some eight years ago that is said could affect his memory. Ontario Lottery and Gaming allows gamblers who feel they have a problem to voluntarily excluded themselves from casinos and such individuals would be escorted from the premises when recognized.

But Marando is determined not to let his case be swept under the rug as he claims the casino paid him the $400 five minutes before he hit the $10,000 prize.

Marando has already contacted a lawyer and is determined to go through to the end about the incident.

“I am not going to let them get away with it”, he said.