Ontario Man Who Hits $12M Lottery Win Plans Reunion with Mother

Publish: 31.03.2017

A lucky Ontario man has made an emotional trip back to his homeland to visit his mother whom he hadn’t seen for full 11 years.

Ontario Millionaire

It must have been an overwhelming experience for Sheba Sheba from Woodbridge, Ontario, when he found out that he has won whopping $12 Million in lottery.

The man himself explained to the reporters at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto how he felt when he found out about the big win upon stopping to grab a coffee and check his lottery ticket at a convenience store on Sunday.

Sheba Sheba did not have his glasses on him and even thought he saw something different on the self-check screen before approaching the counter to have his ticked checked out and validated.

“You’re a big winner!”, the retailer screamed at Sheba Sheba who was so excited that he started screaming too.

Overwhelmed with joy, Sheba said he ran into his house and went over to wake up his entire family to spread the great news around.

Reunion with Mother

When it comes to plans on how to spend the big win, Sheba Sheba has it all worked out. This family man plans to help her newlywed daughter and her husband buy their first house, to help his son open up a barbershop and to pay for his youngest daughter’s education.

But more importantly, this father of three will finally get a chance to visit his family in Jordan and Iraq so that they can celebrate his success together. Originally, from Iraq, Sheba Sheba plans to reunite with his mother after eleven long years.

“She is a wonderful woman and I have missed her very much. Seeing her again is at the top of my wishlist”, Sheba said.