Ontario Communities Benefit from Hosting Casinos

Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) is a socially responsible organization which has been taking care of the local community ever since 1975.

The OLG has since given back nearly $42 billion to the province, generating billions of dollars in economic activity in Ontario and for Ontario and its residents.

Local Communities Enjoying Financial Support

The year of 2016 was not an exception to the rule and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has revealed its third-quarter financial reports which went on to disclose that OLG extended over $20 million for the 23 local communities which host the gambling facilities and operations.

One of the beneficiaries is the northern city of Thunder Bay, which cashed in around $443,900 in non-tax gaming revenue payments from the 14,000 sq ft Casino Thunder Bay which operates in the town.

The city of less than 110,000 residents has earned approximately $30.2 million in gaming revenues since the opening of casino establishment in 2000.

The City of Windsor earned a much more significant amount of $2.2 million in its quarterly payment for hosting Caesars Windsor. The aforementioned payment covers the period from October to December 2016, whereas the City of Windsor has received more than $35.8 million since 1994.

OLG as the Pillar of the Community 

Additionally, one of the biggest single payments was performed in the City of Niagara Falls, where Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino have generated the total of $5.6 million during the third-quarter period of the fiscal 2016.

Niagara Falls has received over $85.5 million from the OLG ever since the casinos got introduced in 1996.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming has this year generated the total of $3.9 billion in economic activity in Ontario with $2.23 billion getting directed to the provincial priorities.

The amount of $2.07 billion was handed out to the operation of hospitals, whereas $38 million was given to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to problem gambling prevention treatment and research, proving once more that OLG is a socially responsible organization.