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Online Gambling Proposals to Reach Illinois Lawmakers Soon

Online gambling legislation is definitely one of the more popular topics in the United States, and the latest state to have tried to adopt a related bill was Illinois.

A couple of proposals reached the state’s lawmakers during the last legislative session, but none of them gained enough support. However, some of them could get a second chance in the coming period.

Two Hearings Already Scheduled

According to the latest news coming from the Prairie State, thanks to the efforts of State Representative Bob Rita, two hearings have been scheduled to take place in the upcoming session, and both of them are aimed at discussing the possibility of regulation and legalisation of online gambling.

The first hearing has taken place on August 22, while the other one will be held on October 2, in the state capital Springfield.

Rita is a known advocate of online gambling legalisation who sponsored a gambling expansion bill last year. The piece of legislation known as State Senate Bill SB0007 was even approved back in May, but its adoption was halted by Illinois House committees.

Bob Rita: Two Hearings Already Scheduled

In one of his earlier comments, Rita stated online gambling could have a significant impact on the state coffers, bringing up to $700 million to Illinois which would help Illinois battle its high deficit.

Putting a Bill Together

The bill would establish the Chicago Casino Development Authority, whose list of tasks would include casino promotion and maintenance. It would also amend the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 and the Riverboat Gambling Act in order to allow electronic gaming at racetracks in the state.

Under its provisions, the authorization for advance deposit wagering would be extended indefinitely, adding additional owner licenses including the one to greenlight the conduct of casino gambling in the state’s largest city – Chicago. In addition to all of this, the bill would introduce changes concerning the admission tax and privilege tax and would also contain a severability provision. It would be effective immediately, although it won’t able to come into force before Senate bills 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 of the 100th General Assembly are adopted as law.

It is reasonable to expect the bill will once again receive the approval of the state’s lawmakers, especially since it was approved with an overwhelming support last year.

But that’s not all since another bill is expected to once again reach the floor. This one is related to fantasy sports, and like the first one, it also failed to come into effect last year. According to the current schedule, the discussion regarding this proposal started on August 22.

Rita pointed out the gambling operations should be fair and impartial and emphasize this would be the biggest challenge for the lawmakers. He also stated that moving one component would move three others, and added that was the reason why they would have to carefully navigate through the whole process.

The ultimate goal is to put a bill together.