North Bay Casino Opposition Returns to Council

Publish: 21.03.2017

Opposing tide of a casino in North Bay are still hoping that council members could be persuaded to reconsider their decision to make this small town in Ontario a host city.

Opposition Gaining Pace

It was back in 2012 when North Bay legislators and officials made a decision to introduce North Bay as a designated host community.

Since the initial decision, an opposing tide has been gaining pace with the members of the No Casino North Bay group and residents concerned over the socio-economic influence a gambling establishment would have on the local community are heading before the Council to state their case this week.

No Casino North Bay are a small group – but with a large network as they say themselves – and a representative of the major opposing force hay Heuer stated that the group position on the matter is that “it’s not over until it’s over”.

The opposition of casino introduction states that previous council was subject to negotiations, confirmation and acceptance of the proposed deal, whereas they claim the new council members are failing to put ant regard to research and arguments regarding the benefits and flaws of the casino proposition.

The opposition has made a number of presentations to the council with even a petition being signed calling the council to do its utmost to protect the residents from the negative aspects of a casino.

Tough Luck Thus Far

To this date, however, opposition has struggled to make any progress with the council members, failing to convince the members to revisit the 2012 decision.

No Casino North Bay group is not giving up and the members of the main opposing tide are arguing that perhaps a referendum would provide a clearer picture of what residents really want and if their opinions on the matter are in accordance to council beliefs.

North Bay casino would become a privately-owned and operated venue and revenue sharing, site location and derived community benefits are also some of the biggest talking points in this hot topic.

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