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North and South Dakota Want to Make Sports Betting Legal

Publish: 17.12.2018
North Dakota is the latest state to have expressed its intention of legalising sports betting, and one local legislation has already begun working on a bill.

Rep. Jason Dockter is preparing a proposal that would allow charitable sports betting in the Peace Garden State, which would certainly generate an additional source of revenue for the charity organizations operating in the North Dakota.

Charitable Sports Betting on the Way

Dockter wants to take advantage of the popularity of charitable gambling, which has been allowed since 1977. Under the current state laws, charitable gambling is conducted exclusively by non-profit organisations with a valid State Gaming License, or by organisations or group of people that hold a Local Permit, issued by a county or a city.

In addition to charitable gambling, the state has a number of tribal casinos, although their operations are regulated by a separate piece of legislation.

According to Dockter, charities offering wagering on sports will be able to provide players around one-fifth of all gambling options available in Las Vegas, which would save them a substantial sum of money.

Dockter said it would put less burden on the state because those charities and other entities would require less state-appropriated money for their services. He added that making charitable wagering on sports legal would be a way for people already spending their money to put some of that money towards social improvement.

If North Dakota approves sports betting, almost all proceeds generated from it would go to charities, while the only portion the state would get would be used to cover the costs of the Attorney General’s office.

The proposal is yet to appear in front of the House, but Dockter is confident it will be successful.

South Dakota Considering Options

In the meantime, another state is looking to make the most out of the US Supreme Court’s May ruling. This move repealed the controversial Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and ended the federal ban on sports betting, which had been in force for more than 25 years.

According to available information, South Dakota also wants to get in on the action. However, making sports betting legal in the Mount Rushmore State will not be possible before 2020.

Sports betting could be made legal in North and South Dakota.

The proposal to amend the state’s constitution and allow the legalisation of sports betting has been recently submitted by South Dakota gaming officials. Their plan is to secure around 34,000 signatures and place the proposal on the 2020 ballot so that it could be voted on in the election.

If they succeed, and the proposal makes it to the ballot, it will need to have the support from the majority of the voters. Following a positive outcome in the election, the proposal will then be debated in the state Legislature, where lawmakers will need to modify various regulatory and taxation frameworks.

Experts believe the first legal sports wager could be placed in South Dakota as early as mid-2021. This may prove to be too little too late.