No Lotto MAX Winner Yet, Waiting for the Next Draw

Canadians have a wide range of lottery to choose from, and the activity itself is very popular across the country.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation has recently posted an announced informing its customers they won’t be able to scan their tickets until a certain technical issue is resolved. According to this warning, the system is currently unable to detect winners.

So for the time being, players in Atlantic Canada will have to be patient until the system is once again up and running. The latest Lotto MAX draw took place on September 6th and we are sure many of the players are eager to check their tickets and see whether they’ve won the jackpot, which reached C$17 million!

Lotto MAX Waiting for the Winner

All seven numbers were drawn on Friday, but we still didn’t get a winner of the jackpot. However, the draw was quite generous, awarding a total of C$3,067,162 in cash. Atlantic Lottery Corporation will still need to confirm this, though, as the current technical issue makes it impossible to complete the verification process. So if your tickets have been identified as non-winning, there’s still hope for you. You’ll just have to wait a bit more.

The TAG tickets brought prizes going up to C$100 this Friday, but due to the issue, the provincial crown corporation has offered free entry for the upcoming draw.

Since no one managed to grab the staggering C$17 million jackpot on Friday 6th September, there is a new chance for someone to take home this amazing prize in the next draw, with a huge jackpot on offer. According to available information, the jackpot should reach C$22 million.

And as we’re waiting to find out whether someone has won the Lotto MAX jackpot, players will probably be checking their Lotto 6/49 tickets, as we’ve got a winner!

A C$5 Million Prize Awarded in Ontario!

Online Lottery and Gaming Corporation proudly announced that the lucky winner had purchased the winning ticket in Grey Highlands. He will now be eligible for a payout worth C$5 million! Following the draw which took place on September 7, the player whose winning ticket contains numbers 25, 28, 37, 38, 42, and 48, now has 52 weeks to claim the fantastic prize!

And while we’re waiting for the winner from Ontario to step up and claim the jackpot, one lucky man from Calgary is Canada’s latest millionaire. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation has announced John Kerkhoven hit a guaranteed Lotto 6/49 C$1 million prize.

The prize was won on August 10, but the lucky man didn’t bother to check his ticket and was surprised when a lottery corporation representative contacted him and told him he was eligible for a handsome cash prize.

The Calgary man couldn’t believe his luck. Commenting on his plans, he said they included travelling, as it was something both he and his wife enjoyed doing. Kerkhoven also stated no large purchases had been planned for the time being.

A man from Edmonton has made the headlines recently, after finally claiming his Lotto MAX jackpot only two months before the fantastic prize worth C$60 million was set to expire.