Nintendo Switch Finally On Sale in Canada

Publish: 05.03.2017

It’s official: the sale of the new Nintendo gaming console has started in Canada. Among die-hard fans of the latest Nintendo system is Finn Wolfhard, a child actor who became famous for his role in Stranger Things.

Vancouver born Wolfhard is a star of this Netflix science-fiction horror series, which debuted online in July last year, with season two scheduled for October.

The 14-year old actor had the honour to officially open the doors of Toronto EB Games store, located in Yonge-Dundas Square, where the sale of Nintendo Switch started at midnight on March 3. This date marked the start of the global launch of the latest Nintendo product, which aims to make the gaming easily accessible across all platforms.

Nintendo Switch is a so called hybrid console you can play both at home and on-the-go. It can be connected to a TV, but very easily transforms into a handheld device, with 6.2-inch touchscreen. Switch is the seventh major home console developed by Japanese company, and was officially unveiled last October.

After the launch went as planned, the shares of Nintendo rose by 4.1% to their highest in last month. According to available data, demand is higher than supply, which signals the company could easily reach the goal of 2 million units shipped by the end of March.

The console can also be bought online, with the price of C$399.99.