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New Lotto Prize in Halifax Will See You Win Donairs Instead of Dollars

Publish: 03.05.2017

Atlantic Lottery Corp. has come up with an ingenious idea to pay homage to the legendary sandwich – Donairs – which reigns supreme in downtown Halifax.

Donair Delicacy

For all of those unfamiliar with this delicious concept, Donairs are pita sandwiches stuffed with roasted shaved beef, tomatoes and onions. United Kingdom has kebabs, Canada has Donairs, especially delicious late at night, when bars close and you need something to get you tucked in and warm in the belly.

Scratch card players now have a chance to win a year’s supply of this savoury, sweet and saucy delicacy with two top prizes for the ‘Mucho Donair-o’ set to be released this week. Atlantic Lottery Corp. has had a lot of success with food-themed games in the past and are holding out for a similar effect this time around.

“We are always developing new themes for our games and trying to find themes that will interest our players,” Atlantic Lottery Corp. (ALC) spokesperson Christine Manore said.

Year’s Supply

The King of Donair restaurant as one of the leading businesses in this area is happy to team up with ALC by rewarding the winners with $2,500 gift cards.

I think it’s great for the province. Not only is the donair the official food of Halifax, it’s a delicacy for tourists that come here. I think it’s a good thing.” Said Nicholas Nahas, King of Donair chef.

All of you who are not from Halifax or near the Atlantic region or simply those of you who don’t like eating Donairs, here is a lotto solution.