New Las Vegas Casino Opening Delayed

Publish: 19.05.2017

One year after Resorts World Las Vegas – a $4 billion casino venue – got thumbs up from the Nevada Gaming Commission, construction is yet to resume.

It took Nevada regulators a series of applications prior to 2016 decision to finally give a unanimous blessing to a project that will be the first mega-resort to be built from the ground up on the famous Strip in the last decade.

First in a Decade

Ever since the recession, several Las Vegas casinos got remodeled completely, but none of the brand new casinos were built completely from bottom up.

The building site is expected to continue work sometime in the third quarter of this year after the entire project had been delayed multiple times ever since the ground was broken in 2015. Close to 1,000 workers are expected to hit the ground by next year. No less than 3,000 union employees will be hired to operate the modern Chinese-themed resort which is being developed by the Malasya-based Genting Group.

New Las Vegas casino will be erected at Boyd Gaming’s unfinished Echelon development, which was abandoned after the 2008 recession. The site was one home to the Stardust casino and it cost the casino operator Genting $350 million.

Overhauled Design

Despite the initial estimated, the opening is now scheduled for sometime in 2020.

The new gambling venue will feature a tweaked design to make the casino appear more modern, whereas Genting also plans to tackle the Nevada’s challenging casino industry revenues with a whopping 100,000 square feet gaming floor.

In fact, the new delay is actually the result of an overhaul of the original design, which now aims to attract younger gamblers. In addition to a remarkably huge gaming floor, Resort World Las Vegas will feature dining options of authentic Asian cousin, a retail space and 3,000 rooms.