New Jersey Senator Vows to Protect Online Gambling from Federal Interference

Publish: 07.03.2017

New Jersey State Senator Jim Whelan has stepped up efforts in his chamber to approach federal government not to meddle in New Jersey state’s rights related to internet gambling.

In his bit to protect iGaming, Senator Jim Whelan is introducing a resolution which asks for protection of state’s online gambling and pleads the administration in Washington D.C. and Congress to oppose actions that would lead to prohibition of internet gambling.

iGaming Resolution

Online gambling has been one of New Jersey’s most important streams of revenue and one of the fastest growing industries as well. Online gaming industry in the state is predicted to go through a 17% rise in 2017. To put numbers in perspective, online casino venues recorded a 32% growth in 2016 over 2015.

New Jersey was the second state in the United States of America to legalize online gambling – most precisely casino and poker – moving to allow people who are within the state’s borders to access the gaming sites as long as they were inside the state when logging in or placing a bet.

There are some 20 online venues in New Jersey currently offering online gambling and Senator Whelan is taking steps to ensure those businesses are protected from federal meddling.

Wire Definition Updated

The US Department of Justice ruled in 2011 that online gambling fell in line with telephones and telegraphs, which were considered only ‘wires’ states in the Wire Act of 1961. The term ‘wire’ has since included the internet as well and Whelan’s resolution is aimed toward the protection of internet perception in this particular case.

Whelan’s fears relate to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that he would like to revisit the federal Justice Department ruling which at this point authorize the internet gambling.