New Jersey Online Gaming Revenues Continue to Grow

Publish: 15.03.2017

Those stiff legislators from the state of Pennsylvania could think again before they go on to push through the House Bill 801 titled ‘Banning Internet Gambling in Pennsylvania Act’ which is likely to introduce the state into the dark ages of internet.

Despite the perils and problems that regulated online gaming universe could bring along with it, the benefits of a licenced and regulated system are much more lucrative and significant.

And Pennsylvania legislators can simply ask New Jersey.

Revenue Growth Continues

The state of New Jersey managed to generate an online gambling revenue of no less than $18.7 million during February alone, which is an increase in numbers compared to the same month last year.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released data which also revealed that February numbers were just a bit lower than $18.8 million revenue acquired in the first month of 2017.

To put numbers in perspective, January revenue represented an increase of incredible 28.6% in relation to the same month 2016 when New Jersey managed to produce 414.6 million.

Online Gambling Dominates

New Jersey has seen a particular rise in the online gaming department, which has seen a year-to-date increase of no less than 28% on the amount registered at the same point last year.

Online gaming numbers currently stand at $37.5 million.

As a contrast, the land-based casino market suffered a drop in revenues to February 2016. New Jersey’s brick and mortar casinos generated $186.6 million, which is a drop of nearly 2%.

Regardless of the drop in figures, New Jersey recorded $204.7 total gaming revenue in February, going 0.3% up on the last year’s numbers.

What is more, the overall gambling win for the year-to-date stands at firm 4% rise.