Nevada Gets the Go-ahead On eSports Betting

Publish: 02.01.2018

Enforcement Division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has announced that placing wagers on a series eSports betting will soon be available across the state. The announcement was made by the head of NGCB, Karl Bennison, at the Casino eSports Conference held in Las Vegas.

The latest news will certainly delight sports betting firms throughout Nevada, since until now they were able to offer betting on a single event at a time.

NGCB stated the operators would be required to apply for a license, which would allow them to accept the bets.

This decision will help the further growth of the eSports industry in Nevada. The competitive gaming was given the green light last year, but the wagering restrictions posed a huge problem for both event organizers and sports betting firms.

What Can We Expect?

As NGCB stated, the permission would only be granted if the same firm organized the eSports events. How will that work in practice still remains to be seen, since there’s no word when the new law comes into effect.

We’re still waiting for a formal announcement by the regulator. Bennison added that only NGCB-approved eSports operators would be allowed to offer wagering to their customers.

The current practice requires operators to ask for a permission to offer wagering for each gaming event.

Looking For a New Category

At the present time, the eSports betting is categorized as ‘other events’, along with wagering on the World Series of Poker and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

Bennison said the whole idea of allowing betting on multiple sSports events was aimed at drawing a line between the sport and gambling.

NGCB was more than ready to accept this idea, and is seriously thinking of removing eSports from its current category. According to Bennison, this will be done if the eSports gets regulated by a well respected body.

Nevada is only US state, apart from Delaware where traditional sports betting is allowed.