Nevada Crowned the ‘Most Addicted’ Gambling State in US

Publish: 29.04.2017

Narrowly pipping South Dakota to not-so-coveted prize, Nevada was announced as America’s ‘most addicted’ state in the latest study performed by financial fitness firm Wallethub.

Gambling Addiction in US

The study ranks US states in accordance with their availability of gambling options and the number of people who reach our searching treatment for gambling addiction. Overall results indicate that little over 2% of all US adults suffer from the gambling disorder and that the greatest number of people, individually, reside in Nevada.

Looking at a gambling addiction issue as a problem in general, compulsive gambling cost an estimated $6 billion annually, whereas a male gambling addict individually accounts for an average debt of between $55,000 and $90,000 a year.

The total of 50 states were analysed and compared in the latest study conducted based on 15 key metrics which even encompass the lottery sales per capita, in addition to presence of illegal gambling operations and share of adults with gambling disorders.

Nevada Crowned Champion

Scoring a Gambling-Friendliness rank 1 and 10 in the Gambling Problem & Treatment rank, Nevada won this year’s crown with the total score of 55.98, thus edging past South Dakota with 55.66 in second.

Montana is third with the total score of 51.32, whereas West Virginia cam fourth with 47.86. the top five is completed with the state of Mississippi with the score of 47.21.

Gambling-Friendliness category was the primary factor taken into consideration. It compared the number of casinos and gambling machines relative to a state’s population. The availability of lottery sales, horseracing betting and latest means of betting such as iGaming and daily fantasy sports was also taken into account.

Nevada is a state with most casinos per capita in US, whereas it also boasts the biggest number of gaming machines per capita.

When it comes to the highest percentage of adults with gambling disorders in this individual section of the overall ‘most addicted’ list, Minnesota has taken the win in front of Mississippi and Louisiana.