NetEnt’s The Challenge Series Boost Employment Applications

Publish: 25.07.2017

NetEnt is a leading global digital entertainment company that provides premium gaming solutions to some of the world’s most successful online casino operators.

Ever since the inception of the company back in 1996, NetEnt remained at the forefront of the industry, which its latest project The Challenge is here to confirm all over again.

The Challenge

First of the kind TV-style series aimed to build NetEnt’s reputation as a top-choice tech employed in the competitive gaming industry titled The Challenge has been a ground-breaking project which helped the company reach new heights when it comes to awareness and recruitment.

NetEnt’s reality series hit 1.4 million views across all social media channels and the company’s website since May’s launch helping the traffic from social networks to hit a whopping 325% rise.

What is more, the job applications submitted to the company went up by 86% which only confirmed NetEnt’s reputation as one of the most desired working environments across the industry.

Huge Success

The Challenge included more than 900 employees as seven global locations. The Challenge saw NetEnt team climb one of the European Alps’ tallest mountains with support from colleague’s in-house.

The Challenge was comprised of a series of tasks built to strengthen the company’s culture whereas the entire project only solidified NetEnt’s branding expertise as well.

“NetEnt is always looking to stay one step ahead as we strive to be leaders in the sector and we take an innovative approach to all we do including recruitment and employee engagement.”, NetEnt CEO, Per Eriksson, said.

The Challenge outlined the fun part of working hard every day to achieve your dreams.

The first of its kind project offered NetEnt’s prospective candidates an exclusive behind the scenes view as what working at NetEnt truly looks like.

“The success of The Challenge shows that our workforce is never afraid to go above and beyond and their dedication will only continue to lift us.”, Eriksson added.