NetEnt and Ve Signed A New Partnership Deal

Publish: 06.12.2017

Swedish gaming company NetEnt has signed a partnership agreement with Ve Global, while the deal is aimed at offering media buying services to online casino operators around the world.

The first company to benefit from the latest deal as a new customer is the Maltese-based provider Gaming Innovation Group (GiG).

NetEnt and Ve will jointly create a media buying platform that will cut the costs of acquisitions for operators, enabling them to be more precise in their marketing activities.

More Control, Fewer Costs

Furthermore, the announced platform will reduce marketing spending and maximise return on investments made in this area. This will be achieved by displaying advertisements which are more relevant to individual users.

The two sides will mostly rely on Ve’s in-house developed Demand Side Platform (DSP), a piece of technology used for media transparency and cost reducing. By combining DSP with NetEnt’s statistical data, operators will have more control over their marketing campaigns and will be able to optimise their ads thus ensuring maximum impact.

Both NetEnt and Ve have expressed their commitment to protecting and respecting the privacy of the future users of their technology. This will be achieved by adhering to strict privacy principles in full compliance with current regulations.

Offering a More Efficient Service

Managing Director and Chief of EMO at NetEnt, Enrico Bradamante said the partnership between the two companies was aimed at serving a demand from international casino operators. He said NetEnt was looking forward to offering a solution for more efficient marketing.

Ve’s Chief Executive Officer, Morten Tonnesen stated that iGaming customer acquisition was facing stiff competition. He said casino operators needed to present advertising to relevant users, but without raising the costs of their campaigns. The new platform will give operators the chance to execute their activities as efficiently as possible.

The two sides announced the official launch of the new service would take place early next year. Along with GiG, new beta clients are expected by the end of 2017.