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NetEnt Launches New Emojiplanet Slot

Publish: 28.08.2017

One of the biggest names in the digital gaming industry, the Isle of Man-based NetEnt has launched the latest addition to the company’s vast portfolio of high quality games.

The new release could mark the beginning of a whole new theme in online casino gaming since the slot itself is based on emoji symbols and characters.

What are Emoji?

Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and on internet pages, which have revolutionized the way people communicate around the world.

They were developed in Japan back in the late 90s but became globally popular when Apple added them on iPhone. Today they are available on Android and other mobile operating systems as well.

They have become so popular that two years ago Oxford Dictionaries named an emoji the Word of the year.

The New Slot

Emojiplanet is a five-reel video slot, which uses NetEnt’s Cluster Play game mechanics, together with emoji symbols.

There are five Emoji Features, where you’ll encounter some of the most famous emoji characters, including the Bomb, Pizza, Kiss Mark, Rocket and Heart.

This video slot, developed in partnership with The Emoji Company and Global Merchandising Services, is a part of this year’s Emoji Mania, arriving in the market only a month after the release of The Emoji Movie.

NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Hammon, said the emoji had become a worldwide phenomenon and an instantly recognizable symbol, so the company was pleased to give the players the chance to enter their world.

He added Emojiplanet had been made to bring a completely new and different gaming experience and stated everyone at the company were confident the players would love this release and everything it offered.

The launch of Emojiplanet is another step in the company’s mobile-first strategy, highlighting the importance of NetEnt’s mobile development program.