NetEnt Challenge Praised as Biggest Global Team-Building Effort

Publish: 28.05.2017

Canadian iGaming enthusiasts will have definitely heard of NetEnt by now as they stand as one of the leading names in the online casino gaming universe.

Boasting a quality portfolio of some of the most played games worldwide, NetEnt are thriving in a highly competitive industry and have most recently decided to embark on a truly inspiration human resources drive that will reshape the global view of business objectives and what a usual working surrounding should look like.

NetEnt has launched one of the most global team-building projects ever seen in the casino industry called – the Challenge.

The Challenge

“We’ve created the Challenge to let everybody know what it’s like to work at NetEnt”, the company said.

Aiming to introduce the general viewership with their culture and the gaming industry as a whole, NetEnt created an employee web series which takes place in the Alps. Flour NetEnt employees are putting the company’s culture and values to the test by climbing a mountain – inexperienced.

There are four episodes of the Challenge (for now) titled as follows:

  • The Booking
  • The Film Director
  • The Climbing Guide
  • The Innovators

The series is aired internally at a standard midday CET time every Monday for the rest of the series, which took months and months to come up with and develop.

Internal & Global Effect

NetEnt are hoping the Challenge series will provide a great internal effect, but that it represents an opportunity to gain a good publicity as well. The Challenge will undoubtedly enhance the company’s reputation in terms of NetEnt being innovators and creative force in the industry.

Ultimately, one of the main goals is to present NetEnt as one of the most desired place to work for young professionals in the iGaming branch.

All of the NetEnt’s The Challenge episodes can be viewed on this link.