All You Need To Know About Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery

Publish: 17.03.2018

We’re only a couple of months away for the long-awaited launch of Pennsylvania’s online lottery, which is scheduled to go live this spring.

However, only a handful of details is known at this moment, including that the state’s officials have been consulting with other stats on the whole matter. Michigan has been cited as an example of a successful online lottery implementation, and its feedback was very helpful in Pennsylvania’s efforts to successfully implement its own iLottery.

Michigan – A Good Model To Follow

Michigan started offering online lottery tickets back in 2014, while its offering was expanded to online games a year later. Today, the state has a wide offer consisting of 56 online games and represents a good role model to other states.

Many regard online lottery as possibly the most successful model in the Great Lakes State

Pennsylvania wants to model its online lottery after Michigan’s not only because of its success but also because of its similar demographics. Lottery officials believe they can create their own successful model by making the most out of the Michigan-s experience.

First The iLottery, Than Online Casinos

Pennsylvania Lottery spokesman Gary Miller made it clear the same results were expected.

Using geolocation technology, Pennsylvania will allow only local punters to play, which is a common practice in those states that have online lottery on offer. Also, minor will be prohibited from buying tickets and won’t be able to play online lottery games.

In the coming period, Pennsylvania will begin accepting applications for online casino licenses, although we’ll have to wait a bit until the launch date is revealed. At this point, it’s reasonable to say the state’s online lottery will be the first to debut, with online casinos to join a couple of months later.