Mr Green's Gaming Predictive Tool To Be Evaluated By a Psychologist

Publish: 13.01.2018

Mr Green has hired a chartered psychologist Dr Richard Wood, whose task will be to assess the recently launched Green Gaming Predictive Tool.

Green Gaming Predictive Tool was launched last month and represents the latest responsible gaming initiative using the cutting edge technology.

Thorough Analysis

Canadian chartered psychologist Dr Wood has specialized in the study of gaming-related behavior. During his career, he has focused on discovering and implementing responsible gaming strategies, as well researching individual causes of this addiction. Dr Wood is also the founder and owner of GamRes, a research service that aims to design and implement responsible gambling strategies and approaches.

Dr Wood will conduct a thorough analysis of the Green Gaming Predictive Tool, evaluate its efficiency and discover its potential flaws. He will later publish his findings.

This tool has one goal, and that is to help the players better understand their gambling habits and maintain control of them. With Green Gaming Predictive Tool, they can have a full analysis of their playing style at one place, while getting an estimate of the risk their playing behavior brings.

According to Dr Wood, the evaluation would examine if the players got value from using a tool like this, and added the final result would be a combination of players’ behavior and their feedback.

Joint Effort

Mr Green worked closely with Sustainable Interaction and Sebastian Gassner on the development of the Green Gaming Predictive Tool. Sweden-based Sustainable Interaction is a company that specializes in developing digital products and diagnostic tools used in responsible gaming strategies, while Sebastian Gassner is one of the leading experts in the technical aspect of responsible gaming.

Commenting on this move, Mr Green Chief Executive Officer, Jesper Karrbring said the best way to constantly develop and move forward was to test, evaluate and be transparent.

He stated both the company and the entire gaming industry could learn what worked best on the player’s need to control their gambling habits and keep their behavior risk free.