Mr Green to Relaunch Its Mobile-First Brand ‘Garbo’

Publish: 13.06.2017

One of the most luxurious gambling venues for players around the globe – Canada included – Mr Green online casino continues to make huge strides in the gaming industry.

Mr Green

Built around a mysterious man going by the name of Green, this top-notch, modern casino takes the player experience to a whole new level with its bursting portfolio of well over 400 games, frequent and highly engaging bonuses and promotions, and much more.

And in an effort to add another dimension to its classy and cool persona, Mr. Green Casino has announced the plans to relaunch its ‘Garbo’ brand. Originally acquired in 2014, Garbo will be a mobile-oriented casino venue powered by Mr Green’s latest technology platform.

The platform was also the biggest reason why Mr. Green decided to put Garbo plans on hold in the first place, as Mr Green wanted to complete the new technology first. Oskar Muhlbach, who joined the company in 2016 specifically to help Mr. Green casino push the Garbo brand forward was pleased to announce a gambling venue which ‘will have a catchy, clever tonality’.

He claims Garbo ‘will be fun, crisp and at the same time personal’.

“There is a big number of mobile gaming sites on the Swedish market, however, with Garbo’s sometimes provocative profile, I believe there is a position open for us.”, Oskar Muhlbach said.


Garbo will be first introduced into the Swedish market, whereas it has been revealed that other markets will soon follow.

And according to Mr Green’s chief executive officer, Per Norman, Garbo has the potential to become a strong, global brand, just like Mr Green.

“This is a cost-efficient introduction due to the fact that we can take advantage of Mr. Green’s competences, digital knowledge, and supplier relations. The first version of Garbo is built for mobile users on the same technology platform as Mr Green which gives significant scale advantages.”