Mr Green New Sportsbook Coming to Canada Soon

Publish: 15.10.2017

We have good news for all those who enjoy online sports betting since the newly announced Mr Green Sportsbook is about to bring an exciting new offer for Canadian players.

A real treat is in store for sports betting fans, with plenty of new features and bonuses. The new venture is the result of Mr Green’s partnership with the UK-based Bettorlogic. Expect only the very best from the new sportsbook and prepare for a distinctive customer experience.

Exciting Venture

Mr Green has a large fan basis among Canadian online casino players, and it comes as no wonder that many players expect the latest business cooperation will raise the standards.

One thing is certain – the announcement has been received with great expectation and a lot of enthusiasm.

Thanks to some of the new features, the bettors will be able to set their own odds and even to bet on the next point scored in the game. Asian Handicap bets will also be on offer, with a home win, away win, and draw options. The offer includes European Handicap, flexi betting, spread betting and lives in-play betting.

Canada will be the third market where the Mr Green sports betting will be available, after the UK and Ireland.

Designed to Help

Jesper Karrbrink, Mr Green Chief Executive Officer, said the new smart sportsbook was designed to help the players bet smarter, using 17,000 bet prompts on a weekly basis, based on data from Bettorlogic.

He added the two sides had given their best to increase the entertainment level. This was achieved by adding new ways to bet, like the Instant Tennis feature, Football Combi Spin, and our newly designed Horse Finder. According to Karrbrink, Mr Green sportsbook has been taken to a completely new level.

Bettorlogic CEO, Andrew Dagnall said the company was very grateful that Mr Green shared its vision and promised the bettors would have an extremely enjoying experience.