Mother and Son from Toronto Nab $6.4M Lotto Win

Publish: 05.09.2017

Velma Hobson and her son Michael won the staggering amount of $6.4 million in a recent Lotto 6/49 draw.

Tradition paid off

Velma and Michael found out about their life-changing win on 12 August when this Toronto mother got up early, as she usually does, to check all of their tickets. It is a tradition that stuck around ever since Velma’s husband and Michael’s father passed away. He would regularly check the tickets as a first thing he did in the mornings and Velma continues to honour the tradition.

“It was his favourite thing to do in the morning.”, says Michael Hobson adding his mother ‘hollered’ upstairs for him to come down in an ‘urgent tone’.

Michael rushed down to see what the commotion was all about and initially could not believe they’d won.

“Is it for the right date?”, he asked.

The pair double-checked the numbers and did it a couple of more times just for good measure before heading over to the store to confirm the win. Having come forward to publicly claim their windfall this week, this Toronto mother and son are making big plans for the $6,437,793 in winnings.


Their life will undoubtedly be a lot easier for them, but Velma and Michael want to make sure their entire family benefits from the payout.

“Winning the lottery allows me to make life easier for my family. Being able to help them out feels wonderful.”, Velma said.

Michael is planning to buy a cottage, a boat and a new truck as this humble man remains undeterred by the win. His mother Velma already has plans for her new kitchen and bathroom. She also plans to move to a new bungalow.

The pair got their winning ticket at a convenience store in Scarborough, at Sheppard Avenue and Kennedy Road.