Mobile Platforms Dominate US Social Casino Market

Publish: 30.04.2017

The latest analysis performed by SuperData Research can reveal that the United States social casino players prefer playing on mobile devices.

Mobile vs Desktop

In another testament to the emergence of mobile, which is slowly stealing the torch from desktop Internet usage, the total of 85% of the US social gamers now play social casinos via their mobile devices.

Desktop PC usage has hit the record low, with only 49% of the users ever tuning in from their computers. Research manager at SuperData, Carter Rogers, states that there is still hope for PC users however.

“There is still a market for core social casino gamers on PCs. Since most casino-style games are large-scale and contain aspects from several genres, game developers are able to harness PC’s extra screen real estate and create visually interesting casino lobbies.”, he said.

The research company’s analysis provides deeper insight claiming that 27% of social casino players exclusively play through their mobile devices. Additionally, the share of players that only use computers with social casino has dropped to 6%. The rate of exclusive PC users in 2016 stood at respectable 15%.

PC Users More Engaged

In contrast, however, the research did conclude that PC users are more engaged in their social casino activities.

They spend an average of 69 minutes per session and spend $79.45 a month playing games. To put numbers in perspective, 57 minutes is the length of an average mobile session. Mobile users also spend less with the current number standing at $39.87.

Detailing the study’s finds, it is also revealed that social casino play is often a secondary activity for many users and the majority of the audience which is predominantly female.

Women make up the majority of both mobile and desktop audience, with shares of 73% and 72%, respectively.