Mixed Lotto Weekend in Canada, $1M Lotto Max Ticket Sold in Prince George

Publish: 29.05.2017

It was a mixed lotto weekend in Canada which started with an empty net on Friday night’s Lotto Max Draw.

No winning ticket was sold for the $50 million jackpot, which will grow to approximately $55 million for the next draw on 2 June. On the plus side of the Friday’s event however, one of two Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each was grabbed by a ticket holder in British Columbia.

Prince George Winner

The logical questions to ask is – do you live in Prince George and did you buy a lottery ticket recently?

If the answer is YES then you better check out your lottery slips because you could have skipped work today knowing that you have just become a millionaire. Luck smiled on a single ticket purchased in Prince George, which matched all seven numbers across the country to win the full $1 million prize.

The lucky winner is now given 52-week time window – until Saturday, 26 May, 2018 – to come forward and collect the prize. Once the winner was identified, the retail location where the ticket was bought will be announced.

Fortunate winner has just beat one in 28,633,528 chances of a Lotto Max jackpot or Maxmillion prize to be drawn. You are encouraged to try your own luck, so go and buy a ticket yourself. We guarantee you will have great time and that you might even get warmed up for the big event next week with a win or two.

Saturday also turned out to be a great Lotto day as a 6/49 ticket for 27 May worth guaranteed $1 million was drawn. Lucky winner comes from King’s County.

Unfortunately, there was no winning ticket for the $5 million jackpot, which will grow to around $7 million for the next week’s draw.