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Millions of Dollars of Unclaimed Jackpots Waiting to Be Claimed in Ontario

Publish: 21.08.2019

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has once again reminded the public that several jackpots – worth millions of dollars – are still waiting to be claimed.

However, according to OLG, some of these lucrative prizes will expire soon, meaning their winners will not be able to claim a single cent! The provincial monopoly, therefore, advises all its players to check their tickets, because they might end claiming one of this jackpots.

Millions of Dollars of Unclaimed Jackpots Waiting to Be Claimed in Ontario

Unclaimed Prizes Waiting for Their Owners

In total, there are 27 cash prizes, worth $4,672,629.90 still waiting to be taken home. The largest of these unclaimed jackpots is a Lotto MAX ticket, purchased in Toronto, worth C$1 million! The lucky winner needs to hurry up and take his winnings, or his jackpot will expire on December 21.

What could prevent someone from claiming a massive lottery prize? Many factors could get in the way of doing so.

Another substantial prize that’s still waiting for its winner is a Lottario jackpot worth C$760,967.60, with the winning ticket sold in Eastern Ontario. The winner of this neat prize has until April 20, 2020, to claim this prize. In the meantime, we’re waiting for the lucky winner of a Lotto MAX prize worth half a million dollars to claim his prize. If not claimed by October 26, the owner of a single ticket sold in Mississauga will lose the right to grab his windfall. That specific draw proved to be very generous, as it paid out a cash prize to another Ontario player.

But that’s not all, as a Lotto MAX payout worth C$333,333.40 is also waiting for its rightful winner. Sold in Western Toronto, this prizes – as well as every other offered by OLG – will expiry after 52 weeks.

The Province Wins If No One Claims a Jackpot

Last month, a prize of C$500,000 expired, meaning one lucky winner failed to capitalize on his luck. The sum represented a half of a Lotto MAX Maxmillions payout, while the other half was claimed in time. We did get a winner, though, as the money went back to the provincial government, which will surely put it to good use.

But this isn’t an often seen situation in Ontario, as there haven’t been many prizes to have remained unclaimed for more than a year. But all games listed in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act have an expiration date, as 52 weeks are more than enough for a winner to step out and claim the award.

The biggest Ontario jackpot that wasn’t claimed by its winner was worth C$5 million. A single Lotto 6/49 ticket was purchased more than 15 years ago in the northeastern part of the province, and the lucky man never found the time to take his prize. Becoming a millionaire is not as motivating as it may seem.

Earlier this month, Loto-Quebec issued a statement revealing a couple of multi-million prizes are still waiting to be claimed, with the latest one being a Lotto 6/49 prize drawn in June.