Microgaming’s Idea Factory Wins The Spark Award 2017

One of world’s leading online casino software developers and suppliers – Microgaming – has received a huge recognition for its innovative business approach which aims to empower people and build happier workplaces on a global scale.

The Spark Award

Microgaming’s Idea Factory Initiative has been recognized as a perfect fit for The Spark Award which is a recognition for organizations and business that experiment with ways of working differently.

The Spark Award recognized the following five ideas and initiatives that were accredited for their work in 2016:

  • MGS House Lotto
  • Emoticoins Online Slot
  • The Market
  • New Compliance Portal
  • Ideas Workshop

MGS House Lotto is a charity initiative, an internal one, which used scratch cards and lotto games. Emoticoins is an emoji-themed slot, due to be released in the summer. The Market deals with in-house classifieds, whereas the New Compliance Portal is an overhaul of the due diligence process for onboarding new operators. Ultimately, Ideas Workshop offers a new process for target-oriented brainstorming.

Idea Factory

Staff-powered initiative – Idea Factory – collects, filters, refines and presents ideas on anything related to Microgaming and its culture. The Idea Factory was launched in 2016 and is represented by Lydia Barbara, who has praised the enthusiasm of Microgaming employees to get the project up and running.

“When launching the Microgaming Idea Factory, at first there was nervousness that we wouldn’t get enough ideas through to make it work. But the problem wasn’t in the quality or quantity of ideas; it was that we did not have a process in place to refine and approve them. It has been such an amazing experience, largely due to the enthusiasm of every person who has taken part. I expect to see great returns from the fantastic ideas coming through.”, Barbara said.

Microgaming’s Idea Factory features four rounds of contest with the Decision Panel – made up of senior staff – decides whether an idea should be implemented or not.