Microgaming Takes Part in Charity for Disabled

Microgaming has launched an initiative under the Microgaming Play it Forward – called the Microgaming Health and Care Trust – which has offered its help to a charity for the disabled.

Microgaming Health and Care Trust

The charity has 50 members and 25 volunteers and is providing the disabled people with a chance to experience different equestrian activities in a safe and supervised environment.

The Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled (MCD4D) is conducting the driving sessions which are all under constant supervision of an experienced RDA Carriage Driving Coach.

With the help from Microgaming Health and Care Trust, the MCD4D has brought the new mobile trailer unit to the charity, which now means that the charity will be able to move its services around the island.

Projects such as Flexible Learning Academies – a plan intended to support secondary-school students who have learning difficulties – will make the charity more accessible and mobile which is of great importance to this project.

Mobile Trailer Unit

The new mobile trailer unit can also be used for school shows and local events. Given the fact it is equipped with a mobile classroom for training volunteers and a storage facility, the new mobile trailer is a multi-purpose unite which will be extremely practical.

People were missing out on the events in the past as they were unable to get to the centre and designated areas in time and the new mobile trainer is expected to solve the issue.

By purchasing a mobile trailer we can widen our reach and ensure many more people can benefit from carriage driving. A big thank you to the Microgaming Health and Care Trust for contributing to the unit, it’s very much appreciated.”, Martin Sewell, volunteer fundraiser for MCD4D said.

Microgaming has contributed with $5,000 for the new trailer.

This is not the first time Microgaming is doing a socially responsible work, as the company’s Health and Care Trust helped the charity through funding the specially-designed carriage suitable for wheelchair users.