Microgaming Sets Standards with Staff-Pitched Online Slot

Publish: 08.08.2017

The Isle of Man based online gaming developer and supplier Microgaming continued to set the standards and to raise the bar in a highly-competitive gambling industry.

Microgaming Raises the Bar Once Again

Latching on a global phenomenon that is reshaping the way people communicate today -emoticons – Microgaming has decided to come forward with a five-reel and 30-payline slot game called EmotiCoins.

The idea behind this Emoji-based slot game has been pitched by two Microgaming members of staff, Anna McChesney and Rob Mercer at the Microgaming Idea Factory, the award-winning concept recognised as ground-breaking by this year’s The Spark Award.

Idea Factory is a staff-powered initiative which collects ideas, filters and refines them, before turning them into fully functional projects.  Anna and Rob’s EmotiCoins project is one of those, which got a long way from an idea first pitched in June 2016.

Idea Pitched by Staff Members Becomes a Slot

That is when these two members of the Microgaming staff decided to highlight the use of emoticons in today’s world which is proven to be increasing interaction between people, most notably on social networks where a simple smiley face can enhance your Facebook post and push the number of likes by up to 57%. Additionally, the face with tears of joy emoticon remains to this date the most tweeted emoji with over 16.5 billion tweets.

“As a marketer, to me the use of emoticons in social media and communication is fascinating; they have essentially become a universal language! 92% of the world’s online population use emoticons, so developing a themed game would automatically target the demographic of our operators’ players.”, Anna McChesney, PR Manager for Microgaming.

The EmotiCoins idea was supported from the start as Anna and Rob selected a unique set of emoticons to be added to the game in order to complement the theme.

First publicly announced at the staff Christmas party in December 2016, EmotiCoins became one of five winning ideas out of 27 pitched during last year.