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Microgaming Announces The Phantom of the Opera Slot

Publish: 15.02.2017

The original concept dates back to 1909 when a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux called The Phantom of the Opera was first published, but the subject quickly became an artistic phenomenon, which ended up being reproduced as a movie, musical, theatre show etc.

The Phenomenon 

Fortunately for all art-loving slot players, The Phantom of the Opera is about to be given its gaming reproduction thanks to Microgaming, who signed a license agreement with the Really Useful Group to make an online slot with this recognizable title.

Microgaming’s slot title will render the 2004 movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, which in his own part is the highly successful adaptation of the 1986 musical directed by Joel Schumacher.

The highly-anticipated slot game will feature the main characters starred by the likes of Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum and Minnie Driver, whereas the game is expected to be packed with original music numbers and footage from the film.

The Slot Adaptation

David Reynolds from Microgaming did not hide his excitement over the game due to hit the market later this year.

“The Phantom of the Opera has had unequivocal success, played to over 140 million people worldwide! It’s exciting to be working with a musical, a new genre of branded content for Microgaming, extending and broadening our portfolio of games.”, he said.

Microgaming celebrated the Phantom of the Opera at ICE Totally Gaming 2017 in London when ICE attendees were given a unique chance to be completely immersed into the world of the biggest ever musical.

The Phantom of the Opera was played in 35 different countries and 166 cities around the world, gaining as estimated $6 million.