Michigan Announces New Gambling Legalization Bills

Publish: 02.03.2017

Hand in hand with legal representatives from Pennsylvania and New York, the Michigan Senate is also making legislative steps toward legalizing gambling.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware currently stand as only U.S. states to have approved any form of online gambling, but the latest stirs within the United States lawmakers’ community are promising a change in 2017 and beyond.

Growing List

New Hampshire, Georgia, California and Virginia have been added to the growing list of states with gambling legislation under proposal.

However, it is now Michigan who has reintroduced a set of four different gambling bills which appeared in front of senators this week:

  • S 202
  • S 203
  • S 204
  • S 205

Neither one of the four bills included any text, but all four of them were backed by sponsors Rick Jones, Rebekah Warren, Marty Knollenberg, Curtis Hertel and Bert Johnson.

This is the second attempt from Michigan senators to introduce gambling legislation within the procedure after the gambling discussion in 2016, when senator Kowall first proposed it in April.

Potential Problems

Kowall’s bill passed the committee vote but further advances were hindered at that point. This year, however, the bill is set to go past the discussion stage and possible beyond.

The biggest stumbling block Michigan legislators face in their bid to approve the gambling bill relates to balancing the state law and federal law in regard to the Indian gaming culture. Some even claim that combining federal and state regulations in attempt to make a viable combination could prove to be an impossible task.

A debate on whether the Michigan state would require expansion of gambling to be subject to a constitutional amendment and two-thirds of the state approval is another major talking point.