Manitoba Woman Wins $108K on Chase the Ace Lottery

Publish: 25.07.2017

Heather Moar from Selkirk, Manitoba, is coming off from the weekend richer by $108,000 after she won a 50-50 style lottery.

Huge Win

Moar won the Chase the Ace draw at the Riverton Motor Inn about 125 kilometers north of Winnipeg. The Chase the Ace draw game is similar to standard 50-50 lotteries where player purchase tickets and bar employees do a raw every Saturday night. The player and ticket-holder that draws the ace of spades up get to keep the entire winning pot.

The Manitoba woman was one of the remaining three cards left in a draw when her name being called out. Heather Moar is still trying to absorb it and let it all soak in.

“The shock is still there”, she said and admitted she tried to some positive energy ahead of the defining draw.

“I went to the top card and hovered my hand for a little bit, and sure enough I felt a little bit of heat. I thought, ‘Give me a sign here.'”, she said.

Shared Winnings

Moar had been taking part in the draw for the last two months with her boyfriend and two friends. She says her group made a pact early on that any potential winner will be split four-fold, whereas the group also included their fifth friend living near Riverton for a finder’s fee.

Heather Moar has set aside funds for her son and post-secondary education, whereas the rest of the money – or the big part of it will be used towards the purchase of a camper.

“Now that we’re not at Chase the Ace in Riverton on weekends I can actually do some camping,” Moar laughed.