Man loses $100K in Slots Jackpot as Women ‘Steals’ his Prize

Publish: 10.04.2017

A truly unbelievable story comes from Florida.

It’s funny actually that a gem like this has been unheard of since January when the scenario you are just to read about unfolded, but it truly is a timeless story, you’ll see.

A movie-like plot occurred in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino at the beginning of the year when a gambled Jan Flato went flat on a $100,000 slot jackpot.

Movie-Like Scenario

Sitting at the Double Top Dollar slot machine, Jan Flato was pouring the money into it without actually hitting the button of the machine never suspecting that he might actually win something.

We’ve all seen thing happen, when a man would have a lady friend hitting the spin button or rolling the dice for good luck. Still, in this particular case, Flato who befriended a woman sitting next to him at a $50-a-spin slot machine in the high-roller playing room, saw all of his efforts go to waste as it was the girl – Marina Medvedeva Navarro – who nabbed the win as video footage confirmed she was the one pressing the spin button.

She ended up richer for $50,000 in cash and a $50,000 check as she walked out of the casino guarded by a security member she asked to escort her out.

Naturally, Flato was left disappointed and flabbergasted as a girl she first met in a casino in 2015 went home with his jackpot in her pocket.

Interestingly enough, Navarro sent Flato a text message a few weeks later asking if he still ‘hated her’.

“How could you do that to me”, he replied.

Twist to the Plot

Navarro offered an alternative scenario later on as she got contacted by the media.

She denied Flato’s claims, saying the money was hers and that Flato was very much aware that jackpots go to the gambler pushing the buttons.

And Flato is now unable to sui her casino friend as no lawyer would accept the case.