Lucky Streak Continues for Quebec Lotto Players

Publish: 22.01.2017

The second-most populated Canadian province of Quebec is enjoying a rather successful lotto month at the beginning of 2017.

Quebecers appear to be on quite a lottery hot streak with the second multi-million jackpot being drawn in less than a month’s time.

The media across the province are today reporting of a lucky lotto ticket holder who claimed a guaranteed $1 million prize, after the Saturday’s night Lotto 649 draw also resulted in a $25 million claimed by a ticket purchased somewhere in the province.

And whereas there were no winning tickets sold for the $50 million Jackpot in Friday’s nigh Lotto Max draw, the Saturday’s Maximillion prize of $1 million went to a lucky winner. Next week’s Lotto Max will now rise to $55 million, whereas there will also be four Maxmillion prizes worth $1million on offer.

Additionally, the jackpot for the next Lotto 649 which will be drawn on 25 January will now be worth $5 million.

The Quebec streak continued little over two weeks after the incredible mega $60 million jackpot was drawn in the 6 January Lotto Max draw.

The lucky winner, Annie Roy purchased the winning ticket on the first day of 2017 when she thought about creating an opportunity to spread the festive spirit with her family and share the joy of giving with her loved ones.

Annie used the family New Year’s dinner to suggest an idea to her relatives, proposing they form a group to buy lotto tickets before picking up the winning ticket at a gas station in Ange-Gardien, some 75 kilometers east of Montreal.

Her idea paid off as Loto-Quebec reported this particular winning was the biggest-ever payout, since the $60-million jackpot was shared among 26 family members, plus two close friends.

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