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Louisiana DFS and Sports Betting Bill Fails to Get Support

Publish: 25.06.2019

The current legislative session in Louisiana was slowly coming to an end, with the state’s lawmakers more focused on how they’re going to spend their time off, and getting anything done in the remaining days of the session was more and more difficult to achieve.

Still, one of the issues that managed to get the undivided attention of the lawmakers includes a piece of legislation on daily fantasy sports (DFS).

From a Done Deal to No Deal

And although it seemed getting the bill approved won’t pose a problem, some lawmakers tried to add sports betting amendments to the bill, and the things quickly became more complicated. In the end, Louisiana couldn’t find a solution, and the proposed daily fantasy sports bill failed to get the necessary support.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate found time to address the new proposal, and both of them assigned committee members with only one goal: to deal with this issue in a way that would lead to the adoption of the bill. However, the language related to sports betting became too much of a burden for this piece of legislation.

The wagering on sports was added to daily fantasy sports proposal after a separate bill failed to get the support of the state’s lawmakers last month. The Senate wanted to push sports betting, but the House didn’t like that idea, rejecting the proposal by a 97-0 vote. A conference committee did give its best to resolve this issue, but there simply wasn’t enough time for it as it was set up on Wednesday and the legislative session ended two days later.

There was some hope of getting the job done by the time the session ends, but once the ending bell rang, and lawmakers headed for the door, it was clear that daily fantasy sports and sports betting would have to wait for the next legislative session.

Waiting for the Next Year

Back in November last year, 47 parishes in the state gave the green light for the legalization of daily fantasy sports. The next move was to draft the necessary legislation to regulate the industry within the state. Unfortunately, the whole process failed, and lawmakers were made to look like fools. At least that’s what the bill’s sponsor, Representative Kirk Talbot is saying.

Speaking about the whole situation, Senator Danny Martiny, the man behind the attempt to add sports betting to the daily fantasy sports bill, said he was dissatisfied with the final outcome. Martiny pointed out that there was another side of the building that didn’t want to play by the rules.

He also stated he didn’t like the way he had been treated.

Unfortunately for Martiny, he will no longer be able to be a part of the state’s legislative body due to term limitations, which means he won’t be able to finish his job of bringing sports betting to Louisiana.

For the second year in a row, though, Louisiana missed the steamboat. Lawmakers won’t be coming back to session until March next year, so it’ll be a long while before they consider the issue again.