Lotto 6/49 Winner Plans Golf Trips Around Canada on the Back of $30m Windfall

Publish: 18.05.2017

The 77-year-old William Perry, who prefers to be called ‘Bud’, could not believe his luck when he discovered his Lotto 6/49 ticket from the 10 May draw to be worth whopping $30 million.

Bud took his ticket to a store to confirm his windfall at an OLG machine, but the retailer could not believe the sight herself.

“The retailer could hardly catch her breath. She was so happy for me”, said Perry.

A retired crane operator who built everything from highways to skyscrapers is an avid golf player and he has a clear idea what he will do with his money.

Golf Trip

“I play golf with a great bunch of friends and would love to take my game to the best courses in every single province and territory,” Perry said on Wednesday as he claimed his winnings at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto.

He says the golf tour might not improve his swing, but admits it will be a lot of fun to take his love for golf to a whole new level.

Also, an inventor with several prototypes connected to the construction industry, Perry is excited to use some of the prize money to further develop his ideas and place on the market.

First of all, however, this family man plans to take care of his loved ones.

Family First

“Family means everything to me. My wife was my best friend and my children and grandchildren are my life. I am not the mushy type, but my family knows that they are my number one priority.”, Perry said.

It was Bud’s family who stuck with him when he almost lost everything he had back in 1983 after using nearly all of his money to finance one of his inventions and failed.

“It was terrible, I had spent almost three months on welfare. There will be a cheque going to them, a gift to Canada to pay it back.”, he concluded.