Lottery Ticket Theft Goes Wrong as Man Breaks Both Ankles in Toronto

Publish: 11.03.2017

A movie-like scenario played out this week in Toronto, near the Rogers Centre, but a man who tried to steal lottery tickets will not be seeing a happy ending to the action film he starred in.

Action Movie Scenes

What happened actually was that a man was fleeing from a Rabba Fine Foods clerk after stealing lottery tickets and scratch cards from the grocery store at Blue Jay Ways and Front St. on Wednesday evening.

The chase was ended near the Rogers Centre after the man jumped over a railing and fell about some ten meters.

“When he made that jump, he then realized it was approximately 35 feet to the ground. He then tried to re-track and jump back on the portion of the bridge,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said.

A robbery gone wrong resulted in him breaking both of his ankles and a wrist as he misjudged the fall in attempt to escape his chasers.

The Man was transported to a trauma center by an emergency run and, in the meantime, was diagnosed with serious and possibly life-threatening injuries. Police said he is expected to survive however.

Brave Clerks

Rabba Fine Foods manager Frank Bernardi explained that security footage from the store clearly showed a man taking lottery tickets from the store, but he confirmed that no charges will be pressed against the robber.

Bernardi was also quick to praise his employees who did not hesitate to get into action as they chased down the robber.

“I admire that. We don’t tolerate things like that,” he said.

“Hopefully we send out a message that this is not a place to come to to try things like that.”, Bernardi concluded.