Lottery Jackpots Lost Due to Technicalities

Publish: 17.08.2017

Ward Thomas was probably the happiest man on Earth on October 16 last year. After all, he managed to win a staggering $5 million lottery jackpot.

Little did he know that his winnings would be denied by the California Lottery Commission, because his underage son was the one who purchased the ticket.

Still, this story is far from being over, since Thomas has sued the state of California and the California Lottery Commission.

When Luck is Not Enough

But Thomas is not the only one to be denied his winnings due to technicalities.

Back in 2008, Joel Ifergan from Quebec was 7 seconds short of winning $27 million. The ticket that could have changed his life was printed just seven seconds after the cut-off time for the draw. Seven seconds too late. He filed a lawsuit against Loto-Quebec, but he lost.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, a British couple were ecstatic when they realised they were the lucky winners of an amazing £35 million lotto jackpot. Unfortunately, the app with which they bought the ticket hadn’t processed their purchase properly, leaving them without a penny.

Definitely one of the most famous cases of jackpot being lost on a technicality happened more than two decades ago.

Waiting 22 Years on the Jackpot

Clarence Jackson from Connecticut bought a lottery ticket in 1995, but forgot to check the results since he was caring for his ill parents. A year later, the $5.8 million jackpot had still not been claimed.

Jackson managed to find the ticket on the last day before the deadline, and could have claimed the jackpot if he had gone to validate him. Unfortunately, he hadn’t which was a multi-million dollar mistake.

The legal battle is still going on, 22 years after the ticket was purchased. In the meantime, even the State House of Representatives voted to give Jackson the money, but this decision wasn’t approved by the Senate, and Jackson is still as penniless as he was two decades ago.