Loto-Quebec Inks a New Deal with Inspired Entertainment

Loto-Quebec has announced the signing of the new partnership agreement with one of the leading gaming companies Inspired Entertainment, a well-established name when it comes to Virtual Sports. Under the provisions of the new agreement, the two companies will work together over the next three years to expand the current online gaming offer at Loto-Quebec’s espacejeux.com site.

The provincial monopoly wants to remain competitive in the market and to achieve this goal it needs to keep its offering fresh. Online is becoming more and more popular with players, while the rapidly-growing mobile vertical appears to be the future of gaming. So that’s why it’s important to keep the offer fresh, diverse and appealing to a wide selection of punters.

Online Gaming Is Becoming More and More Popular

The latest move is a very important one for Loto-Quebec, as it will allow the crown corporation to increase its gaming offering, while the ultimate goal of this partnership is to add innovative content to the company’s current lineup. According to available information, Inspired Entertainment will make its content available on Loto-Quebec’s platform in the third quarter of this fiscal year.

Virtual Sports have proven to be very popular among millions of players worldwide, so it’s only natural for customers in Quebec to get a taste of them. In addition to virtual sports, players can look forward to enjoying premium casino offerings, such as Maximus Soldier of Rome, Book of the Irish and 1st Down Slots. The first batch of new games should be added to Loto-Quebec’s offer in the coming period.

As a part of this deal, the U.S. gaming giant will also introduce its Virtual Plug N Play solution, whose goal is to offer a seamless Virtual Sports experience, and it will be fully integrated into the company’s online platform. Inspired Entertainment will make sure all player can find something they like, while at the same time offering Loto-Quebec all the necessary conditions to grow. 

Offering Players Something Unique

Commenting on the latest deal, Julie Benoit, e-commerce General Manager at Loto-Quebec said the addition of Inspired’s popular casino titles and a library of fresh on-demand and scheduled virtual sports games would boost the company’s portfolio and allow them to reach a wider audience. She added Loto-Quebec was excited to see continued growth as a result of this partnership.

Brooke Pierce, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inspired stated Loto-Quebec was a hugely successful corporation that thy considered a key partner in our North American expansion strategy. Pierce further said Loto-Quebec had been at the forefront of Canadian gaming and pointed out his company was delighted to partner with them to offer players something unique and different than what they already had access to.

Last month, Loto-Quebec posted its latest financial report, revealing the company generated $2.15 billion in revenue during the most recent fiscal period, which represented an increase of 3.1% when compared to the previous fiscal year. This report also revealed the contribution of the online gaming offering went up to $105.4 million.