Loto-Quebec Cancels Bets on Donald Trump’s Future as President

The provincial Crown corporation Loto-Quebec was officially asked by the Couillard government to rescind betting on Donald Trump and his future as the president of the United States.

Such a decision from Finance Minister Carlos Leitao’s office was completely understood by Loto-Quebec, according to Patrice Lavoie, the Crown corporation spokesperson, who stated that “(Loto-Quebec) understood that the subject could hurt feelings” although the Trump bet was believed to be “within the bounds of good taste”.

“The question is a positive one. We’re not suggesting he won’t be (president) pointing to the fact that the bet’s odds actually favoured Trump remaining in office.”, Lavoie said.

The cancelation news arrives just one day after Loto-Quebec invited players to make wagers on whether Donald Trump would remain seated as U.S. president after 1 May, 2018.

No More Betting on Trump

“Loto-Trump” was officially removed from Loto-Quebec’s Mise-o-jeu gaming website which was offering 3/1 betting odds that Donald Trump would remain in the Oval Office after his first 15 months in charge.

At the same time, there was an offer worth $3.65 for a $1 bet on Donald Trump being ousted from the office until the pre-determined deadline.

Anyone who have their bets in place needn’t worry as their investments will be reimbursed, it was confirmed from Loto-Quebec.

Loto-Quebec spokesperson Patrice Lavoie said that the Crown corporation had already examined the ethics of betting on politics and determined that the company would not allow betting on Canadian, provincial or municipal politics.

“It would be delicate, since we have a stake in the outcome.”, Lavoie said.

Trump’s bet was not Loto-Quebec’s first venture into political betting as the company also accepted wagers on the outcome of the American presidential election last year.

Lavoie revealed the election bet was Loto-Quebec’s “most popular non-sports bet of all time”.