Loto-Quebec Announce Revenue Rise in 2016

Publish: 29.06.2017

The year of 2016 was a rather good one for the Canadian gambling group Loto-Quebec.

It turned out to be quite a year for Loto-Quebec customers and Canadian players as well with a record number of 104 over $1 million worth prizes remitted during last year.

Millionaires’ Year

Loto-Quebec created the total of 122 millionaires in 2016/17, which is a remarkable statistic.

One of the highlights, however, relates to the company’s revenues which reached $3.636 billion in 2016. The number marks an increase of $75.3 million or 2.1% compared to the records from the previous fiscal year.

Loto-Quebec exceeded the dividend target set by the government and paid the total of $1.206 billion.

Despite the fact that Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max yielded fewer major prizes during the last fiscal year, the lottery sector reported an increase of £30.3 million year-on-year. Betting numbers rose to $10.8 million or 16.5% increase, which is mostly due to higher odds offered during the aforementioned period.

The positive trend continued with a casino sales increase.

Loto-Quebec reports that sales of $838.8 million were generated over the past twelve months, which is a number 16.55 higher than a year before. Loto-Quebec feels varied entertainment offerings in casino establishments, blooming tourism trend and more customers at the gaming table as a direct result will have attributed to the casino sale uptrend.

Gaming Products Increase

As far as gaming products are concerned, the two gaming halls – bingo and Kinzo – made up for $993.5 million in revenues, which is a 1.3% growth compared to last year. The online gaming sector resulted in an $85.9 million of revenue increase, which is 29.7% higher than in the last fiscal year.

Loto-Quebec was presented with a Level 4 Responsible Gaming Framework Certification, which is the highest international recognition issued by World Lottery Association. Numbers and achievements have helped the company continue the renewal and growth strategy, much to the pleasing of Lynne Roiter, Loto Quebec CEO and President.

“Our business is based on three strategic directions focused on entertainment, efficiency and responsible commercialization.”, Roiter explained.