Live Elite Lounge Proving to Be Great Success for 888

Publish: 31.07.2017

It’s only been last month when industry leaders 888 came forward with their Elite Lounge Live Casino, but this glitzy VIP-style platform is already proving to be a huge success for the operator.

Elite Lounge Live Casino

888’s Elite Lounge Live Casino transforms you into a VIP member and provides you with a full-service casino experience in opulent casino settings.

Having taken inspiration from some of the world’s most exclusive land-based casinos, 888 casino has created their Elite Lounge with a wish to make you feel more than comfortable with the nightclub visuals, panoramic rooftop views, elegant dealers and a soothing soundtrack behind it all.

“Currently players can see Las Vegas outside after experiencing Hong Kong last week. The unique build of the environment with 39 HD flat screen TVs allow us to transport our players to the top casino locations around the world.”, Senior vice-president and head of B2C for 888, Itai Pazner, said.

Elite Lounge Live Casino currently offers roulette and blackjack which come with exclusive perks and incentives, which include lucrative promotions and betting deals.

Encouraging Feedback

A month after the official unveil and 888’s Elite Lounge has reported a very good reaction and traction from the company’s main sources. 888 members appear to be highly appreciative of such a high-end addition to the operator’s offering.

“It looks like our members appreciate the investment and the attention to detail we put into this top end environment. As far as feedback from our customers, they have recognized that we have provided them with a unique environment that has shattered the barrier between land-based casinos and the online live casinos.”, Pazner added.