Liberal Candidate Calls for Legal Sports Betting, Receives Support from the CGA

Liberal Party of Ontario candidate Sandra Pupatello has become the latest politician to give its support for the introduction of single-game sports betting in Canada.

In a recently-held press conference, Pupatello said she planned to get the necessary legislation adopted. Although she pointed out her rival in Windsor West, Brian Masse from New Democrat Party, failed to pass the legislation, she did credit him from getting the issue moving.

Liberal Candidate Calls for Legal Sports Betting, Receives Support from the CGA

Bringing More Revenue And Increasing Competitiveness

Speaking about her plan, Pupatello said it was necessary to change the laws to allow single-sports betting in order to be more competitive and capture more of the revenue that was currently going offshore or to unregulated or illegal beneficiaries.

Pupatello pointed out that the current estimates made by the Canadian Gaming Association said up to 150 jobs could be added in Windsor alone, with another 100 in Niagara Falls.

According to her, the decision to allow single-sports betting could bring between 1,000 and 1,500 new jobs on a national level, significantly improving provincial revenue.

It should be noted that Masse’s sports betting proposal failed to gather the necessary support in the last Parliament and was rejected by the Liberal Party. That’s why Masse accused the party of hypocrisy, as his sports betting bill had the support from provincial authorities, and all the sports leagues (except the NHL).

But Pupattelo said the situation has drastically changed since Masse’s proposal was initially introduced.

Support from the CGA

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) was quick to offer its support to Pupatello’s call, agreeing single-event sports betting should be made legal.

Commenting on Pupatello’s earlier statement, President and Chief Executive Officer at the CGA Paul Burns said they were thrilled to have Ms. Pupatello’s support, and called on all parties to fight for the simple amendment that provinces had requested 10 years ago.

Burns pointed out this change would give provinces the tools to deliver a safe and legal option to Canadians while at the same time helping economic benefits, such as jobs, flow to communities and provincial governments.

Burns went on to say that one small change could drive enormous benefits to the entire Canadian gaming industry, Canadian communities, as well as Canadians who just wanted to be able to place a bet on the outcome of the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, or World Series.

The CGA also pointed out that legal sports betting would bring significant funds to provinces, as Canadians already enjoyed placing bets. However, players across the country wager through illegal operations which are often operated by criminal organizations. According to recent estimates, Canadians spend around C$10 billion every year on betting, which is C$10 billion lost every year because wagering is still outlawed.

In addition to that, more than C$4 billion is spent on betting trough betting websites based outside of Canada. At this moment, Canadians spend “only” C$500 million on wagering through legal channels – sports lottery products provided by provincial crown corporations.

After decades of advocating for the legalization of single-event sports betting, it looks like its time has finally come.